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8 Well-Paying Careers For Women That Don’t Require A Degree

Not sure what to do next? Here are well-paying flexible careers that you can easily transition into that offer job security and good income potential.


You don’t need to earn a college degree for these careers. In fact, the only thing that most states will require is proof of a High School diploma or its equivalent, a state approved licensing course, and passing a state exam(s). In some cases, you will also need a sponsor or representative – as this is often the case for Realtors and Financial Advisors. However, getting sponsorship is as easy as applying to the business where you want to seek sponsorship and going through the interview process. And, just because you don’t need a post-secondary education to transition into this list of flexible careers, you will need a clean bill of health, because, in most cases, you’ll need to be able to pass a background check, credit check, and drug screening.

Here is our list of 10 Well-Paying and Easy Transition Careers for Women:

Social Media Management

The conversation never stops which is a moving target for corporations – who simply can’t keep up – causing Social Media Managers to be in demand. Large companies may want you to possess a college degree, but in this profession I think your skills will speak for itself. If you’re a tech savvy blogger or Twitter diva you can excel in this position. The average  Social Media Manager salary is between $30,000 to $75,000 per year, according to PayScale. Contact us if you’re interested in any of our current training opportunities. One of our former interns went on to become Social Media Manager for Michael Kors.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate sales profession is often perceived as glamorous and difficult to penetrate – as depicted in Bravo’s Millionaire Listing. Getting into real estate is straightforward and easy. It requires a real estate course on your state’s laws – which most companies will sponsor, passing a state exam, and finding a sponsoring broker. As a NYC commercial broker I can tell you that things are a bit more challenging – as New York is the most highly sought after market. It’s very competitive and male dominated, but as with any industry I think people appreciate bringing on new team members who are intelligent, professional, and can contribute. I can assure you professional women are a welcomed asset to real estate teams – contrary to popular belief. And the earning potential is limitless. 

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Financial Advisor

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Financial Advisory is one of the nation’s fastest growing careers. Qualified professional that can fulfill these role are highly sought after by financial services companies – from small credit unions and local banks to large investment firms and multinational banking institutions. Obtaining the proper licenses to serve as an Advisor depends on which products or services your firm offers. For instance, to sell securities you will need to pass the Series 6 & 63, and/or Series 7 exams in order to prove your overall competency and understanding of financial products. You’ll also have to get registered as a FINRA representative. will need to pass the state’s exam and pay all necessary licensing fees.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are a type of financial advisor. They advise businesses and individuals about obtaining the best insurance solutions to guard against unexpected life events. Life insurance can also be used as a combined protection and investment strategy. It’s the job of the financial advisor to meet with clients to learn about their needs and tailor a plan that’s best suited to achieve their goals. An insurance agent you might recognize is Vicky Gunvalson from the Housewives of Orange County (above video). Before you can become licensed to sell insurance, you’ll need to complete a state approved Health, Accident and Life Insurance course – which takes about 3 weeks. Then, you’ll need to pass your state’s exam and pay all necessary licensing fees. Once you’re done search for local job listings. The downside to transitioning into this career is that after the paid training your income is commission only. This means to succeed it’s going to take strong sales skills, which we can all agree Vicky has. The upside is, once you build a book of clients it’s all money in the bank, because  you earn what’s called annual residual income – meaning each year when your client’s policies renew you automatically earn commissions. So, after a few years you should be earning a 6-figure income.


Mortgage Counselor

Sometimes also referred to as Housing Counselors this form of real estate professional helps potential homebuyers to identify mortgage options and homeownership programs for which they may qualify. What I like most about this position is the ability to become a HUD-approved counselor and employ with your city or municipality because it adds an additional layer of job security. Not to mention the additional perks, which can include, a base salary commensurate with the national average, plus commissions, medical insurance, 401(k) plan, pension plan, company car, and transportation allowance. However, this is a pretty demanding position that requires a lot of inner city travel to meet with potential homebuyers, attend Town Hall meetings, and present training workshops and seminars.

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Brokers, on the other hand, underwrite home loans. They are the professionals who decide if an applicant is approved or denied for a mortgage. The steps to becoming a mortgage broker is similar to becoming a realtor. You will need to complete a pre-licensing course, pass your state’s exam, and seek employment with a bank branch office or mortgage company. There

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Tax Preparation

To become a tax preparer, or enrolled agent you must take an IRS-approved income tax course and pass the IRS’s 3-part exam. Additionally, you’ll have to request a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and follow a series of other steps, which are outlined here on the IRS website. As an agent you can represent both businesses and individuals – and everyone needs a tax preparer. You can also consider working with local Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) on fee split basis, perhaps handling all the paperwork and/or advertising – however, this will give you immediate access to clients and add credibility to your new profession.

Aerobics Instructor

And if your path can’t include office hours or you wish to take what you love and turn it into a career, why not become a fitness instructor. What’s awesome about this profession is you’re probably already doing it and you can schedule clients around your schedule. You can work directly for a gym as one of its trainers or pay a monthly fee to use its facilities while working independently. The other option is to train clients in their homes, which they love and will be willing to pay a premium for. Or, if you live near the beach, why not hold sessions on the ocean. There are many creative ways you can add value for clients – and be generously rewarded.

We’ll be adding to this list. Do you have any suggestions for well paying careers? 


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